Here at Tacshield Urban Developments we specialize in modern day living, whether it be high quality designer kitchens and living spaces, sleek and stylish bathrooms or if you want an outdoor area to entertain or relax, we can build spacious decks and pergolas or even feature walls that will provide a great scenery in your backyard.

We are not limited to specific jobs and with our contractors we are able to perform a multitude of tasks including Decks, Pergolas, Carports, Renovations, Extensions, Retaining walls, Cabinetry, Kitchens, Bathrooms and all maintenance your property needs (i.e. fixing doors and windows).

  • We’ve been there done that. Having been in business for over 30 years, we have experience in all facets of our industry.

  • We offer sales representation Australia wide, so wherever your business takes you, we’re there too.

  • Our sales staff are trained in the relevant Australian Standards and are happy to offer guidance regarding those complex applications.

  • Our large offering of modern colours and styles means we can be your single source of products in our line of business.

  • We have an expansive range of high quality catalogues, product reference sheets, installation guides and product samples, all readily available.

  • Our estimating team is happy to provide quotes from your take-offs or otherwise we can save you time and do the lot for you.

  • We offer site measures and full installation for all of our products so there’s less for you to worry about getting right.

  • We give industry leading warranties so you have peace of mind for longer.

  • We’re stocked up. Large stocks of our common product lines enables quick turnarounds and fast deliveries.

  • We’re competitive on price. We can’t guarantee we’ll always be the cheapest, but we also know that price isn’t everything.