Here at Tacshield Urban Developments we specialize in modern day living, whether it be high quality designer kitchens and living spaces, sleek and stylish bathrooms or if you want an outdoor area to entertain or relax, we can build spacious decks and pergolas or even feature walls that will provide a great scenery in your backyard.

CTA Braille Signs are manufactured in Australia by a team of highly experienced specialists in accessible Signage. CTA offers Australian Standards approved products which conform to the Unified Braille Code (UBC), in a wide range of contemporary finishes & styles to suit your specific requirements.

As well as standard white on blue, CTA Braille signs can be manufactured to suit any number of contrasting colours and are also available in the following options, all of which conform to Australian Standard AS1428 — 2009 Design for access and mobility — Means to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment — Tactile ground surface indicators.

  • Standard Acrylic (broad colour range),

  • Anodised Aluminium and

  • Stainless Steel


Our standard CTA Braille signs come as a "peel and stick", vandal resistant & hygienically clean membrane that is a flexible continuous surface suitable for all applications. These signs can be adhered to all surfaces, flat or curved, mounted onto a backing of personal preference, or added to existing signs.

CTA Braille Signs are the only Australian made signs to incorporate a 5mm luminance contrast boarder as specified in the BCA, other product benefits include:

  • Conform to the National Construction Code (D3.6)

  • Conform to the Unified Braille Code (UBC)

  • Specified by Government Bodies and Architects.

  • Impervious to a wide range of cleaning products and solvents.

  • Fire and Vandal Resistant (CTA recommends graffiti easily removed).

  • Proudly Australian Made.

  • Full 3 Year Product Guarantee.

  • Can provide a Conformance Guarantee with each Braille Sign


There are many more signs in the CTA product range, please phone/fax to CTA Australia Pty Ltd or enquire via the Contact Us page of our website, with your specific requirements.

We are not limited to specific jobs and with our contractors we are able to perform a multitude of tasks including Decks, Pergolas, Carports, Renovations, Extensions, Retaining walls, Cabinetry, Kitchens, Bathrooms and all maintenance your property needs (i.e. fixing doors and windows).


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Tacshield is a family/Australian company with ten years of experience and features a team of professionals that supply and install quality products that comply with all standards within the building industry. Our trained experts work nationwide to provide our customers quality service.


Tacshield will provide the complete service for all architects, builders and consultants from design, estimation and installation.

Tacshield is the trusted name in Tactile, Stair Nosing, Braille Signage and Matting throughout Australia.

All Tacshield’s  products meet the Building Code and Australian Standards AS1428.4.1:2009